Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

When you have kids, your opportunities to sleep in on the weekend dramatically decrease. It doesn’t matter that it’s 6 am on a Saturday–they’re awake, they’re hungry, and they need you NOW. So you roll out of bed and in your bleary state pour some cereal or make toast and the day has begun. I have vague memories of leisurely sipping coffee while reading the paper from my pre-kids days. As they used to say on SNL, “good times.”

I no longer have time on the weekend for an elaborate breakfast. Fancy brunch food is a favorite of mine, so I have taken to eating it for dinner so that it doesn’t disappear from my life completely. As I mentioned on my Kid-Friendly Meals page, the little guys like “brinner” too so it’s a win-win situation. The kids usually eat eggs benedict in pieces (egg, bacon & english muffin separately) without any hollandaise. My husband & I have asparagus and the kids get some fruit to balance out the meal. Hollandaise on asparagus is a classic combination and if you haven’t tried it yet, spring is the perfect time for it.


Eggs Benedict (adapted from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook & this recipe from Williams-Sonoma)

  • 2 English muffins
  • 4 slices of Canadian bacon
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 8 Tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter
  • 2 Tablespoons white vinegar
  • a few teaspoons of vegetable oil
  • pinch cayenne pepper
  • salt & pepper
  1. Fill a large saute pan almost to the top with water. Add the vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt and set aside. Crack 4 of the eggs into 4 separate bowls and set aside.
  2. Separate the remaining 2 eggs and save just the yolks. Use an immersion blender to blend together the egg yolks & lemon juice until smooth (about 15 seconds).
  3. Split the English muffins in half and toast them. Heat the vegetable oil in a nonstick skillet and fry the bacon until golden brown on both sides.
  4. Heat the saute pan (prepared in step 1) to a gentle simmer. Gently drop the eggs (prepared in step 1) into the simmering water, one at a time. Turn off the heat, cover the pan, and let the eggs poach for 3-5 minutes (until the whites are set but the yolks are still runny). Remove the eggs from the pan using a slotted spoon and let drain on a paper towel-lined plate.
  5. Place the butter in a Pyrex measuring cup with a spout and microwave until melted. With immersion blender running, slowly drizzle the melted butter into the egg yolk/lemon juice mixture. Season with salt.
  6. Assemble the eggs benedict: place the toasted English muffins on a plate cut side up. Place the slices of Canadian bacon on top of the muffins, followed by the poached eggs. Spoon some of the hollandaise sauce over the eggs. Sprinkle some cayenne & black pepper over the top.

Serves 2 (with some leftover hollandaise sauce)

Time: 30 minutes

Notes: The trick to eggs benedict is being prepared. You want to have everything ready at the same time so that all the components are hot. As I mentioned in the story above, I like to serve this with steamed asparagus. 

Variations: Replace the Canadian bacon with smoked salmon (you don’t need to heat it up) and add some sauteed spinach. Another option is to add some chipotle powder to the hollandaise (omit the cayenne), swap regular bacon for the Canadian bacon, and add some slices of avocado.


4 thoughts on “Eggs Benedict

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I wish I was able to post more often, but my 8 month old refuses to nap and I have a hard time getting in the writing “flow” when I’m constantly being interrupted. I have lots of recipes in the works though, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to share them with you!

  1. I love a good brinner. I never feel motivated to make (or eat) a big breakfast, but I can totally get behind doing it for dinner. This looks lovely, and actually is something I’ve never had before! Perhaps I will need to try it soon.


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