Cooking With Kids

It has been a rough couple of months around here. Life with kids has its ups & downs, but lately there were a lot more negatives than positives. We faced illnesses and behavior issues, along with all the regular stressors like getting ready for school every day and keeping the peace between siblings.

I try to focus on the good things in life when I write. I figure that most people reading this blog are looking for a good story with an interesting recipe, not a list of complaints. I hope that doesn’t mean that I come off as “pollyannish” or that it gives the impression that my life is easy. When I post a recipe that I’m proud of, I hope you realize that there were a lot of failures along the way to get there.

I wanted to share one of the positive things that has come out of these past months: my middle son has become interested in cooking. It has brought back a lot of memories of cooking when I was young, and it’s so great sharing something that I enjoy with him. It got me thinking that cooking is something that I hope all parents (and grandparents, or aunts/uncles, caregivers, etc.) do with their kids. It comes naturally to me because my mom was such a good teacher. I posted a new page on this blog called “Cooking With Kids” that details my tips for making this the fun and positive experience it should be.

I’ll be back with a recipe as soon as possible. I hope your winter was better than mine…bring on spring!



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