And the award goes to…

…me? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either! This morning as I perused my Google Reader, there it was. Mags, the creator of one of my favorite blogs, The Full Woman, had nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award!

So what is this award all about, you might ask? The Leibster Award is simply a way of giving recognition to newer blogs or those that have fewer than 200 followers. Here are the “rules”:

To accept the Liebster Blog Award nomination one must:

  • thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
  • link back to the blogger who awarded you
  • copy & paste the blog award on your blog
  • reveal your 5 blog picks to be given the Liebster Blog Award
  • let your winners know that they were chosen by leaving a comment on their blog
So, first of all, let me send out some thanks to Mags aka The Full Woman. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should, especially if you are in need of a good belly laugh. Whenever I see a Full Woman post on my Google Reader, it is almost always the first one I check out. Her humor never fails to lift my spirits, and she posts some pretty great recipes too. Without further ado, here are my 5 picks for the Liebster Blog Award:
  1. Heat Oven to 350 — This blog was started by two friends who were looking for a way to reconnect after life (moving, marriage, kids) had gotten in the way. I love their food philosophy– no “fussy ingredients (most of the time)” or “overly elaborate things (most of the time)” and they “try to be healthy (most of the time).”
  2. confessions of a picky eater — I feel camaraderie with this blog since we both got our start in the blog-o-sphere at the same time (June 2011). I also like the fact that this self-described “picky eater” is brave enough to try new things and push her boundaries.
  3. Baker by Nature — Since I tend to come up with more savory ideas, I always need some inspiration for some sweet/baked stuff. This blog is a great place for that, plus I am in total awe of the almost step-by-step photos (I know how hard that is to do!).
  4. Lemon Tarte in Paris — A food & travel blog (in both English & German) with lovely photos and tasty sounding recipes.
  5. Frugal Feeding — I wholeheartedly share this blogger’s belief that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to enjoy good food. Plus, there are lots of posts about cuisine from all over the world, which I also love.

I hope you enjoy checking out these up-and-coming bloggers as much as I do!


5 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. Following to you mail exchange – to let you know, I made my selection of Liebster Blogs (sorry, it took some time). And again, thanks so much for nominating me, this makes me very proud and is also motivating for blogging, thanks a lot.


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