Pot Racks

I am no stranger to a small kitchen.  Our first house had a very cozy galley-style one.  I painted the cabinets white to make it seem bigger, but there was no hiding it.  When you opened the oven door the entire path into the kitchen was blocked.  When my husband and I tried to cook together, we were constantly in each other’s way.  And with a small kitchen comes a lack of storage space.  In fact, the old kitchen only had cabinets on one side of the galley.  We bought a free-standing cabinet to put on the other side to add some storage.  But my favorite space-saving/storage-enhancing addition to our old kitchen was our pot racks.

Our old pot racks actually weren’t pot racks.  They were shelves with a towel bar that I bought from Target.  I unscrewed the towel bars and added “S” hooks from Home Depot for the pots to hang from.  The shelves were great for storing the pots’ lids.  I wanted to show you what they looked like, but apparently my only photos of them are from pre-digital days.

This past January we moved into a new house.  With this new move came a much bigger kitchen and a lot more cabinets.  But the old pot racks had to stay at the old house, since they were included in the sale.  At first I didn’t think it was a problem.  I figured that I would just put my pots and pans in a few of the many new cabinets.  Then I started noticing what a pain it was to have to dig through a pile of pans.  And, where did the lid for this pan go?  But what I missed most of all was actually seeing the pots and pans.  I know that may sound strange, but I like having my cookware hanging around.  They are like old friends in the kitchen.  And I missed them.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one.  So my husband and I decided to do something about it.

Do you know how hard it is to find a pot rack?  We couldn’t find one at any of our local home improvement or kitchen stores.  I tried to recreate our old ones, but Target didn’t seem to carry those type of shelves anymore.  I started to worry, but my husband discovered that there is apparently no shortage of pot racks to be found on the internet.  After lots of clicking and scrolling, we settled on the one you see at the top of the post.

So, how do you store your pots and pans?  Do you have a favorite kitchen storage solution?  I’d love to hear about them–feel free to comment below.


3 thoughts on “Pot Racks

  1. That’s a great looking wall pot rack! I, like you love seeing pots hanging around the kitchen. It enhances the decor as well. Pot racks will turn a sterile kitchen into a gourmet kitchen!


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